Birthday Caravan

Let's Connect the World with Birthday Caravan!

What is Birthday Caravan?

The Birthday Caravan workshop aims to help you discover yourself and your future by connecting with individuals who share similar personality traits through our categorization process. It aims to provide relief and boost confidence for your future path.

Topics addressed in this workshop

At our workshop, you will gain insights into your personality, talents, abilities, and energy levels that you may not have been previously aware of, as well as guidance on what to do in 2023. We use REKIGAKU, a method based on the Eastern Yin-Yang and Five Elements Theory, to analyze you. Our programming system will provide you with a personalized report of your individual data.
We use the “date of birth” as a basis for our analysis because it represents the happiest moment of your life. We are confident that participating in the Birthday Caravan workshop will bring you increased confidence and a sense of freedom. It’s the best way to overcome any challenges or problems you may be facing.

The process of workshop

Step 1: find out your personality type
Step 2: find your symbol of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements
Step 3: figure out your energy
Step 4: make your plan of 2023


Birthday Caravan is based on the logically constructed REKIGAKU system, which incorporates the Yin-Yang and Five Elements Theory of ancient Eastern cultures. In this philosophy, everything was classified as either Yin or Yang, and it was believed that the combination of Yin-Yang and the five natural elements generates the energy that creates everything, including nature and humans. This theory has been used in practices such as feng shui, healthcare, and diet (micro-biotics), and Birthday Caravan applies it to personality analysis and personal development. With this system, we can guide you in discovering your life purpose.
The concept of horoscope, which originated in Mesopotamia, was brought to China through India and became intertwined with the Taoist philosophy that seeks to understand the laws of the universe, morality, beauty, and truth. In China, a diverse country with many ethnic groups, REKIGAKU has been widely studied and applied for understanding and harnessing the abilities of people with different backgrounds and values. The logical structure of the Yin-Yang and Five Elements Theory was established over 2500 years ago and can now be translated into a programming language. In the past, calculations were done using an abacus, but with the advent of computers, precise calculations can be done instantly. This makes it a promising field for future development.

We have the opportunity to introduce REKIGAKU as the Birthday Caravan workshop to the United States. My goal is to bring people from all over the world together through Birthday Caravan and contribute to building a more peaceful world.

February 21st, 2023 

Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.